For years, most people with a knack to express their eclectic design flair have stuck to one of the starkest shades – white – which may actually be a great thing! An all-white bedroom serves as the perfect canvas packed with rich opportunities, waiting to be filled with creativity. From minimal to rustic to modern, white bedrooms offer numerous opportunities to let your imagination run wild, and regardless of the time of year, white always works!

So, how can you best bring this trend to life?

Here are a few tips for styling a boring white bedroom to make it more interesting.

Add Texture

The white room aesthetic is unfairly labelled as sterile. Some of the best white bedrooms employ texture to add interest. Combine and blend the use of crisp linens, fluffy cotton throws, furry rugs, rich leather or velvety furniture to add different textures to your bedroom. You can also set up a metal frame bed with a plush duvet for a luxurious white look. In case of limited bedroom space, consider incorporating satin bedding with velvet accent pillows to elevate your white room and make it look more spacious.

Decorate with a Houseplant

There’s no better or fresher décor than a houseplant to inject a fresh pop of green. A well-placed houseplant is especially great for an all-white bedroom where it gives a particularly refreshing and eye-catching look. These natural health boosters also make you happier by purifying the air and regulating humidity levels. Pair your houseplant with a lush scented candle to make your all-white room extra serene.

Add Pops of Color

Never underestimate the impact a good pop of color can make in a room, especially when it comes to an all-white bedroom. Most of the chicest white bedrooms feature some stunning bold accents that contribute to their warmth. However, when adding a pop of color, always remember the 60-30-10 design rule.

According to this design rule, 60% of your room should be a dominant color, which is white in this case. The remaining 30% of the room should be a secondary color, and last but not the least, you’ll need a third accent color that makes up 10% of the room.

The best way to go about this is to opt for all-white walls and bedroom furniture with warm rusts and orangey-brown wall art pieces and throws pillows. You can further enhance the room’s aesthetics by throwing in a pop of green in the form of a houseplant.

Get a Floor-Length Mirror

A white room aesthetic already makes small spaces appear bigger. However, consider adding a floor-length mirror if you want your small white room to look even larger. This addition is not only the perfect tool for your mirror selfies, but it also instantly draws the eye upward, making low ceilings look higher. Moreover, it also reflects more light. A floor mirror combines impeccably well with crisp white décor to give a minimal and soothing look.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to white bedrooms, there’s a fine line between boring and brilliant. If you want to take your all-white bedroom from oh-so-boring to OH-MY-GOODNESS, all you need to do is add depth. Whether it’s in the form of layering shades of white, incorporating pops of colors, or introducing more textures, depth can help add more personality to even the plainest white bedrooms. We hope that these tips to style a boring white bedroom help you create the ultimate bedroom space you love!  

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