Bathroom flooring choices may seem a little more straightforward than flooring options for a bedroom or living room. Given their resistance to water and the number of designs and patterns to choose from, tiles are the most common bathroom flooring choice. 

However, the fact is that thanks to technology and innovations in home development, today, you have a variety of bathroom flooring options to choose from.

So, if you are considering remodeling your bathroom, don’t be afraid to give any of the following top bathroom flooring choices a try.

  1. Ceramic Tiles

Porcelain ceramic tiles make a fantastic bathroom flooring option and are more affordable than natural stone tiles. Not only are these tiles water-resistant, but they are also incredibly versatile. Depending on your preferences, you can find these tiles in any and every shape, size, and color. The only drawback of this option is that ceramic tiles can get cold and slippery.

  1. Stone Tiles

With a natural resistance to water, natural stone tiles, such as granite and marble, are exceptional flooring choices for saturation-prone spaces like bathrooms. The problem is that not only can these tiles be incredibly expensive, but they also get cold and slippery. You can, however, reduce their slipperiness by strategically installing mats throughout the bathroom.

  1. Glass Mosaic Tile

Glass mosaic tiles are often installed in the shower or as a backsplash in the kitchen. They also make for a great bathroom flooring option. However, it is crucial to consider that these tiles require quite a bit of maintenance because they can easily get scratched due to the scuffing of dirt or debris.

  1. Concrete

Concrete probably ranks the highest on the durability scale. With their exceptional water resistance, concrete floors are a fantastic choice for bathroom floors. It is worthy to note that concrete floors support a more contemporary or industrial aesthetic. So, if you’re looking for a luxury feel, this might not be the best choice!

  1. Engineered Hardwood

Let’s face it: hardwood floors aren’t the best choice for a bathroom, mainly because wood is susceptible to water damage. Since wood expands and contracts so much, it can swell and buckle in humid environments. However, engineered hardwood is the best choice if you’re looking for a wood floor in your bathroom, as it places a layer of real wood over plywood for enhanced durability.

  1. Linoleum

Made of tree resin, wood flour, and linseed oils, among other natural ingredients, linoleum is a flooring option worth considering. Since this material has naturally occurring antimicrobial elements, it helps prevent mold and mildew growth, which is more than common in bathrooms.

The Verdict

Today, there are a myriad of flooring options available for damp spaces like the bathroom. However, with flooring being a significant investment, homeowners still need to narrow down their choices to ensure they pick an option that lasts long.

The best bathroom flooring options mustn’t only look good but should also be waterproof (or at least water-resistant) and durable enough to cope with heavy foot traffic.

That being said, whatever option you choose, appropriate maintenance is the key to ensuring your bathroom floors last and look good for years to come.

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